A collection of resources from events I have presented at or otherwise been a part of. Only the most recent copy of the slides and/or source code are listed here. The list only goes back as far as 2004 as everything before this is almost certainly obsolete now.

Title Download Event
Assessing Code Quality and Technical Debt using SonarQube Slides Dot Net Notts (May 2017)
Globalization: Know Your Enemy Slides Shropshire .NET (July 2013)
Gloucestershire .NET (May 2013)
NxtGen Birmingham (April 2013)
Localizing Windows 8 Metro Apps Using The Multilingual App Toolkit Slides
I18N and Unicode (IUC) 36 (October 2012)
Riting Roslyn Refactorings Slides
MVP Day (November 2012)
DDD North 2 (October 2012)
Internationalizing ASP.NET MVC Slides
Video (83 mins)
NxtGen Coventry (November 2012)
I18N and Unicode (IUC) 36 (October 2012)
aspConf 2012 (July 2012)
The Stack, Liverpool (May 2012)
The .NET Developer Network (April 2012)
Shropshire .NET (March 2012)
NxtGen Southampton (March 2012)
NxtGen Cambridge (March 2012)
NxtGen Birmingham (February 2012)
Podcast: Interviewed by Jesse Liberty about Internationalization Podcast (40 mins) Yet Another Podcast (November 2012)
Mind Control Your Computer In C# Slides
NDC Video
UXB Video
.NET Rocks
Video 1 (Patrick Smet)
Video 2 (Big John Carter)
UX Brighton (November 2012)
DDD 10 (September 2012)
NDC Oslo 2012 (June 2012)
IT Mega Meet, Bristol (May 2012)
Gloucestershire .NET (May 2012)
MVP Day Cambridge (October 2011)
.NET Rocks Podcast (September 2011)
East of Toronto User Group (August 2011)
Fest 11 Birmingham (July 2011)
VBUG Bristol (June 2011)
Internationalizing Silverlight (aka How To Achieve World-Ready Domination In Silverlight) Slides
Source Code
MSBuild Tasks
Video (Part 1)
Video (Part 2)

TechEd Europe, Berlin (November 2010)
I18N and Unicode (IUC) 34 (October 2010)
Gloucestershire .NET User Group (October 2010)
UK Silverlight User Group (September 2010)
NxtGen Southampton (June 2009)

Twitter Micro-Presentation Video (6 minutes 52 seconds)

Modern .NET (October 2010)

Touch Me, Stretch Me, Squeeze Me: The Windows 7 WPF Multi-Touch Story Slides
Source Code
TechEd North America, Atlanta (May 2011)
NxtGen Hereford (May 2011)
DDD Scotland 4 (May 2011)
NxtGen Shenfield (February 2011)
NxtGen Southampton (November 2010)
NxtGen Birmingham (October 2010)
NxtGen Cambridge (September 2010)
VBUG Bristol (August 2010)
How To Give Great Presentations Paper
Video Series
Podcast 1
Podcast 2
Speaker Training Day (May 2011)
Speaker Training Day (August 2010)
The .NET Developer Network (July 2008)
4 Chaps From Blighty (November 2006)
Enforcing Code 'Beauty' With StyleCop Slides DDD 9 (January 2011)
DDD Scotland (May 2010)
DevWeek (March 2009)
The .NET Developer Network (June 2008)
Microsoft Certification Grok Talk Slides The .NET Developer Network (December 2009)
Automating Testing With Windows Virtual PC Slides
Source Code
DDD 8 (January 2010)
VBUG Conference (November 2009)
MVP Open Day (October 2009)
Visual Studio 2008 IDE Tips And Tricks Slides

DevWeek (March 2009)
NxtGen Hereford (March 2009)

Automating Testing With Virtual Server 2005 Slides
Source Code
DevWeek (March 2009)
NxtGen Birmingham (February 2009)
What's New In C# 4 ? Slides DDD South West (May 2009)
DDD Scotland (May 2009)
NxtGen Cambridge (January 2008)
The .NET Developer Network (December 2008)
Code Generation Using Visual Studio's T4 (Grok Talk) Slides The .NET Developer Network (November 2008)
Internationalizing WPF And Silverlight Applications Slides
ReMix UK 08 Video
DevWeek (March 2009)
NxtGen Coventry (December 2008)
TechEd Europe 2008 (November 2008)
ReMix UK 08 (September 2008)
Top 10 Tips For Internationalizing ASP.NET Applications Slides
Source Code
The .NET Developer Network (July 2008)
"Extension Methods Will Save The World" (Pecha Kucha) Micropresentation Video (6mins 44secs)
The .NET Developer Network (March 2008)
DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper6 (November 2007)
ADO.NET Data Services (formerly "Astoria") Slides
Podcast (28mins)
DDD Scotland (May 2008)
DDD Ireland (May 2008)
NxtGen Cambridge (April 2008)
NxtGen Oxford (February 2008)
NxtGen Coventry (January 2008)
DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper6 (November 2007)
DotNetDevNet (November 2007)
MVP Day (October 2007)
NxtGen Southampton (October 2007)
VBUG Newcastle (October 2007)
Scottish Developers Edinburgh (October 2007)
VBUG Manchester (October 2007)
Using ClickOnce and XBAPs To Deploy Windows Forms and WPF Applications Slides TechEd Barcelona (November 2007)
VBUG Conference (October 2007)
Scottish Developers Edinburgh (October 2007)
The Next Generation User Group (September 2007)
Software Developers Conference (September 2007)
Visual Studio 2005 IDE Tips And Tricks Slides VBUG Newcastle (October 2007)
North East Of Scotland UG Dundee (October 2007)
DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper 5 (June 2007)
Internationalizing ASP.NET AJAX Slides VBUG Conference (October 2007)
Software Developers Conference (September 2007)
VBUG Bournemouth (May 2007)
Introduction To Windows Workflow Foundation Slides
VBUG Bristol (January 2007)
Automating Builds Using MSBuild Slides DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper 4 (December 2006)
VBUG Conference (October 2006)
VBUG Bristol (March 2006)
Why Community Matters Video Channel 9 Interview (November 2006)
10 Things To Know Before Internationalizing An Application Slides
Demo Controller
Software Developers Conference (September 2007)
The Next Generation User Group (March 2007)
TechEd Developers Europe 2006 (November 2006)
VBUG Reading (October 2006)
London .NET User Group (September 2006)
Localization: Going Beyond Latin and Cyrillic With
Right-To-Left and Asian Languages
No material TechEd Developers Europe 2006 (November 2006)
Writing Custom FxCop Rules Video (WMV, 190Mb)
VBUG Conference (October 2006)
DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper (May 2005)
VBUG Bristol (January 2005)
Custom Cultures In The .NET Framework 2.0 Webcast MSDN Webcast (July 2006)
Deploying Internationalized Applications Using ClickOnce Preview Video (4 mins)
TechEd Barcelona (November 2007)
MSDN Webcast (June 2006)
Software Developers Conference (May 2006)
.NET Internationalization Slides Software Developers Conference (May 2006)
.NET Exchange (May 2004)
.NET Developers Group (April 2004)
What’s New In Internationalization In Visual Studio 2005 ? Slides Software Developers Conference (May 2006)
DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper 2 (October 2005)
Visual Studio 2005 Launch No material VBUG Swindon (November 2005)
An Overview Of ClickOnce Deployment Slides DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper (May 2005)
.NET Developers Group (June 2005)
VBUG Swindon (February 2005)
Visual Studio 2005 Team Test Slides VBUG Cardiff (July 2004)