WPF Training Day Competition Winner

And the winner is... Andy Maggs! Congratulations, Andy, you are now the proud owner of a day’s worth of WPF Training from Patrick Long of Charteris on Wednesday 31st October 2007. Many thanks to The Next Generation User Group for donating the prize. The course is full now so if you’re not on it then you’ve missed your chance. And the winning limerick ?

There once was an MVP called Guy
Who thought he could actually fly
So he jumped off a cliff Whilst smoking a spliff
Now he walks with a limp and a sigh.

(According to my lawyers I never actually inhaled though).

Here are a few more that couldn’t be included in the competition because the author is remaining anonymous (no, it’s not me):-

There was an MVP called Guy
who figured that he might as well try
to learn vb.net
but he aint got it yet
The rest of us would much rather die

There was an MVP called Guy
who wanted to learn how to fly
he turned up on the day
but the pilot said nay
You have eaten just far too much pie

There was an MVP called Guy
Who spilled ale down the front of his tie
As he sat down he thunk
I’ve plenty left to get drunk
But not one single drop did he buy

There was an MVP called Guy
who kissed a young girl - my oh my
She layed on the floor
and offered much more
But it turns out that Guy’s rather shy

There was an MVP called Guy
who would get up each morning and fry
his doctor said cease
so he gave up his treats
now he eats toast and tries not to cry

Thanks to everyone who entered and thanks to the few who managed to write funny limericks without humiliating me.

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Posted by: Guy Smith-Ferrier
Posted on: Thursday, October 25, 2007 at 2:36 PM
Categories: Events
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