Mind Control Your Computer on .NET Rocks!

I recently recorded an episode of .NET Rocks (episode 702) on the subject of the Emotiv EPOC Neuroheadset. The episode covers the headset, the technology behind it, the Expressiv suite (facial detection), the Affectiv suite (detection of emotional state), the Cognitiv suite (detection of conscious thought), along with the applications for this technology including gaming market, applications for the physically impaired and the research potential.

I have to say that recording it was a whole load of fun (although I suspect it was difficult for Carl and Richard to shut me up as I love to go on and on when I'm really into something).

Thanks again to Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell for inviting me on to the show. And congratulations on the very many hundreds of episodes you have created. Looking forward to show #1000.

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Posted by: guysmithferrier
Posted on: Tuesday, November 01, 2011 at 7:09 PM
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