And then there were eight: NxtGen conquers Essex

Members of the resistance, important developments are occurring. The Next Generation User Group Empire are expanding their territories yet again. First Poland now Shenfield (near Brentwood, Essex). Wednesday 23rd February 2011 sees the inaugural meeting of the Shenfield chapter with a presentation on "Touch Me, Stretch Me, Squeeze Me: The Windows 7 WPF Multi-Touch Story" (I'll be there as a spy for the resistance cleverly disguised as a presenter). As their inexorable march towards the capital city continues I ask "who will stop them ?". In the South West we are fighting back with the newly formed and, of course, free, SQL Server User Club. Indeed London has its own new (free) Canary Wharf .NET User Group but has the venerable giant of the community grown fat on its pizza ? How long before we see NxtGen London ? Scaremongering or inevitability - you decide.

This is Guy Smith-Ferrier. If you're listening to this, you are the resistance.

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Posted by: guysmithferrier
Posted on: Tuesday, February 01, 2011 at 11:32 AM
Categories: Events | WPF
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