Visual Studio International Pack 1.0

The Visual Studio International Pack 1.0 has been released. The pack is a set of .NET Framework class libraries that extended internationalization support in the .NET Framework. In version 1.0 the set of classes all improve support for East Asian cultures. Here's what's in this release:-

  • East Asia Numeric Formatting Library - Format numeric data into Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean capital style string.
  • Japanese Kana Conversion Library - Convert one Kana character set to another character representation in Japanese.
  • Japanese Text Alignment Library - Enable applications to render strings in Japanese-specific alignment style.
  • Japanese Yomi Auto-Completion Library - Provide class library and TextBox control sample that support Japanese IME-aware auto-complete.
  • Korean Auto Complete TextBox Control - Provide TextBox control that supports auto-complete and the Intellisense feature with Korean input.
  • Simplified Chinese Pin-Yin Conversion Library - Retrieve Simplified Chinese characters' properties such as polyphone, homophone, Pinyin or number of strokes.
  • Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese Conversion Library and Add-In Tool - Convert text in Traditional Chinese into Simplified Chinese or vice versa. This component also includes an add-in tool to the in VS IDE that can convert between Simplified and Traditional Chinese resource files.

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Posted by: GuySmithFerrier
Posted on: Sunday, June 29, 2008 at 11:01 AM
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